Wednesday, April 18, 2012

site move

Our blog is on the move. The new address:

All the old posts and comments are located there. Moving the blog turned out to be a tedious process (the transfer tools have a few hiccups), but it was a treat to go through all the old posts.

Even though the blog is clearly not our highest priority, I’m so glad we’ve kept a record of our family and personal adventures. Even if you keep your blog private and use it as a personal journal, I highly, highly recommend creating one, especially if you have kids.

As is the norm, we have a huge backlog of posts. I’ll try to get some pictures posted in the next few days on the new site.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

assorted january

on the play mat…Kids-2012-01-005


clearly pleased with the stable from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Foster…Kids-2012-01-013

doing the dishes. this is a modest outfit by Jolee standards. more times than not, she roams the house in just underwear…Kids-2012-01-022

well fed baby. just look at those chubby cheeks…Kids-2012-01-027

dedicated puzzler…Kids-2012-01-031


hats from Katye and Tim, shirts from Molly and Phil…Kids-2012-01-045

summiting and sledding the mountain created by the snowplows…Kids-2012-01-052

more puzzles…Kids-2012-01-054

and finally, a more typical Jolee outfit…Kids-2012-01-063

Friday, February 10, 2012

baby care


breastfeeding more discreetly, plus a boppie…Kids-2012-01-001

baby in the sling…Kids-2012-01-032

and pumping with funnels…Kids-2012-01-049

christmas day

Junie highlighting various features of Jolee’s new toy…Kids-2011-12-182-Christmas


Gwennie enjoying her first Christmas…Kids-2011-12-197-Christmas

it’s a horse themed motorhome. I thought Junie was going to start hyperventilating…Kids-2011-12-209-Christmas


christmas eve

Christmas Eve was full of variety and excitement:

the girls decorating the tree with some of their loveys and babies…Kids-2011-12-112


Junie managed to lose another tooth on Christmas Eve, but she swallowed it so a note was necessary. We wondered if the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus ran into each other that night…Kids-2011-12-125-ToothFairyLetter

A very early dinner. The crowd at 4pm Mass was out-the-door when we arrived so instead we went at 6. This meant dinnertime got moved up to 4:45…Kids-2011-12-136-ChristmasEve

after Mass sledding and campfire…Kids-2011-12-146-ChristmasEve



even Gwennie made it out for the fun…Kids-2011-12-160-ChristmasEve

zoo lights

In mid-December, we drove down to Denver to see the lights at the zoo. It was an especially memorable trip because afterwards we had dinner at our friends Sara and Andreas’s house. We had such a nice time that before we knew it, it was past 10pm. They invited us to spend the night, and despite no planning whatsoever on our part, we accepted. It was the most spontaneous thing we had done in years. The sleepover was fun and easy. Sara and Andreas were such gracious hosts…much appreciated!

Anyways, here are some photos from the zoo…Kids-2011-12-060-ZooLights







Thursday, February 9, 2012

december gwen









big ski day

Today turned out to be a monumental ski day for June and Jolee. For June, this was the sixth of eight weekly lessons with the Breckenridge Ski and Ride School. The resort sends a bus to her preschool and picks up the children that are three and older. It’s such an great program. She skis with the same instructor and same small group of kids (four total) each week. I’ve been chaperoning on most Thursdays, but in previous weeks they’ve asked parents to choose groups without their kids.
Today, I got to go with June. It was so much fun and the conditions were great—several inches of fresh powder. June told me last week that they had done some moguls, but I assumed she was either mistaken or the bumps were tiny. On our first run today we went through some medium-sized bumps and then on the second run we went through an enormous mogul field (thigh high bumps on adults, shoulder high on the kids). It was incredible to watch the five-year-olds cruise through the bumps while adults were falling on all sides.
After a break and hot chocolate, the group headed up Peak 10. Peak 10 is only black diamonds, and until today, June had only been on blue runs. For those familiar with Breck, we took Centennial down to Double Jack (for those unfamiliar with Breck, these trails are steep).
Junie steadily made her way down, and at the bottom she was very pleased when I informed her she had just completed her first black diamond (I deliberately didn’t tell her before the run). It’s really been fun to watch June gain skills and confidence over the past few seasons. More and more, she’s eliminating the wedge and skiing parallel. Amazing.
As for Jolee, we celebrated the eve of her third birthday with her first skiing at Breckenridge. I didn’t know what to expect, but we actually managed to do two runs in short order this afternoon because she was doing so well and having so much fun. I’ll put together a video at a later date, but here are some pictures from our outing:
first ride on the chairlift…P1030688

cousin Henry

The girls met their very first cousin in early December. Katye, Tim, and their three-month-old son, Henry, came to see us up here in the mountains. He’s a cute little fella and remarkably fashionable—he pulls off the leg-warmer look in style.





everyone but June sporting leg warmers…Kids-2011-12-038-Henry